Questions & Answers

Here you can find answers to relevant questions regarding our translation services. Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question on this page.

What will it cost?
The price depends on the scope of the document and the level of difficulty. It takes longer to translate a legal document than a travel brochure. Please contact us for a free no-obligation offer.

Why choose a certified translator?
If the translation has to be certified, you should choose a certified translator. Furthermore, by using a certified translator, you can be sure that the translator has a language degree, e.g. an MA degree in one foreign language, and has been granted a licence by a public authority (e.g. the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency).

How long will it take to translate the text?
This depends on the scope of the text and the level of difficulty. It is always a good idea to allow sufficient time for the translation process – quality takes time. However, we always do our best to meet the wishes of our clients regarding deadlines.

How do you ensure high quality?
We are committed to quality and have introduced a quality management process which is based on language revision, checking and proofreading. Our translation and language services are always checked by two certified translators and are based on our mother tongue policy.


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