It can be difficult to determine whether a translation is both functional and linguistically correct. This is why translation is a matter of trust. As professional translators, we are committed to providing a quality product. We do this by producing translations which work in the target language, and by using modern translation tools to ensure consistency and coherence from assignment to assignment. These tools do not replace specialist expertise and proofreading, but along with the internet’s many search facilities, they have become an integrated part of the translator’s tools.

Target language as mother tongue

In addition to functionality, our quality policy is based on our mother tongue policy – we only use translators who translate into their mother tongue. Even though our translators may be experts in two or more foreign languages, they master their own mother tongue to even greater degree. This is why, for example, a text that is translated from English to Danish should be translated by a certified translator in Denmark.

All translations and linguistic services go through a careful quality control process before delivery.


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